Barista's Background


My name is Simon Younger and I was first introduced to real coffee over 40 years ago, after my Auntie and Uncle moved from the UK, to Brazil.

Most of my teenage school holidays was spent visiting them in São Paulo and holidaying with them in Rio de Janeiro.

It was during these trips that I first discovered real coffee vs instant coffee and I have been addicted to real coffee ever since.

Later in my career as a stockbroker in the UK, I was introduced to cappuccino by an Australian who worked for me and on work trips to Italy, we would order him 'Aussie Milkshakes' as the Italians would say.

He had a retro machine and would spend hours using it to make us all coffee's for our trading desk and they were damn good.

I decided to really go back and rediscover my youth and now I operate out of a wine bar in Nelson Bay, NSW, Australia and produce my very own coffee's, with Beatles music playing in the background.

I also incorporate in my daily routine, my weekly column which is published on the ASX company news website Stockhead, where I write and publish my day trading antics, under the guise of Confessions of a Day Trader.

So far, I have published over 1,000 graphs showing the daily movements of ASX listed companies, concentrating mainly on the biggest listed ones, like CBA, BHP and of course RIO's.

Previously I have traded options on currency futures from a remote 5,000 acre sheep station, just to prove to myself that you don't need anything too sophisticated or be based in a big city, to trade.

My experience in trading covers every major exchange in the world, including equities, commodities, futures contracts and even Japanese Warrants, where I was the largest trader ex Japan in the world.

So, please come and say Hi, sit down and share a coffee with me, so we can change the world, one coffee bean at a time!


Simon Younger

The day trading barista.